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Root Canals
...It's actually one of the most effective ways of relieving some kinds of tooth pain...

Why Your Teeth Hurt Will Determine How We Treat Them
...As a result, tooth pain could indicate more than one kind of problem including a decayed tooth, root sensitivity, infected gum tissues (like an abscess) or a dying pulp signaled by diseased nerve tissue inside the tooth...

What to do if Your Child has a Toothache
...Seeing the dentist for any tooth pain is always a good idea...

Tooth Type and Condition can Affect Root Canal Therapy Effectiveness
...That's why you should see a dentist as soon as possible for any tooth pain, even if it goes away...

Porcelain Veneers Transform Real Housewives Star's Smile Spoiled by Teeth Grinding
...Typical signs include sore jaws after awaking from sleep, increased tooth pain or sensitivity or, like Kemsley, a noticeable difference in your tooth length...

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